Wine List

La Cascada

Red Wine


100 % Tempranillo

Viscondesa (Bodega Las Frutales, Ronda)

Young red wine from our local Bodega 15.00 €


Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon 24€

White wine

House White wine (D.O. Rueda)

A light and tasty young wine which is fresh and fruity with Verdejo variety of grape. 14.85 €


semi Sweet white wine - moscatel & Gerwertzstraminer 14.85 €


Chardonnay 14.85 €

Rose Wine


Fresh light rose 14.85 €

I am here to show my passion for cooking and my commitment to bringing exciting new ideas to our menu. I have recently joined the team at La Cascada as head chef and I am very excited to create new dishes and include the most popular creations from my previous restaurant, Africa Gastrobar in Puerto de la cruz, Tenerife. My journey has taken me through various cuisines, techniques and ingredients, all of which have contributed to my unique perspective on food.
My aim at La Cascada is to use locally sourced, high quality ingredients and turn them into delicious dishes. 

My philosophy is simple : It is important to seek the best possible flavours when preparing foods and using the freshest produce.  That means not being afraid to experiment with various ingredients to create inspired and original cuisine.

...... Tom O Connor (Head Chef)