La Cascada

Lunch Menu

Garlic and Cheese Bread

Toasted Baguette with Melted cheese & Garlic Butter 3.50 €


Traditional chilled spicy tomato soup with watermelon, black pepper & virgin olive oil 6 €

Manchego Cheese

Cured Spanish Cheese from La Mancha 9.00€

Spanish Ham

Plate of Spanish Ham with fresh bread 12.00€

Mixed Salad

Mixed salad with asparagus, beetroot, sweetcorn, egg, tuna and mixed leaves 5.50 €

Singapore salad

with prawns,fresh fruit, cashew nuts & mixed leaves with a ginger, soy and mint dressing 9.35 €

Burger La Cascada

Homemade burger with peppers, paprika, topped with melted cheese and served with chips 8.90 €

Nachos & chili con Carne

Nachos with chili con carne, guacoamole, sour cream, melted cheese & jalopenos 7.50 €


Traditional moussaka with aubergine, potato, cinnamon 8.50 €

Tuna Pie

Puff pastry pie with tuna & pisto , served with salad 8.50 €

Cooking is something I am passionate about. Our aim at La Cascada Restaurant has always been to use locally sourced, high quality ingredients and turn them into delicious dishes. We wanted the restaurant to be a success in its own right, not just a requirement of the hotel and we welcome non-residents.

My philosophy is simple : It is important to seek the best possible flavours when preparing foods and using the freshest produce.  That means not being afraid to experiment with various ingredients to create inspired and original cuisine.

......  Ian Love , Owner/Chef